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Germany-New York-PA-Washington-Idaho and points between

Frederick and Lola Sly Ulrich

John Daniel Ulrich, immigrant ancestor was born about 1820 in Prussia. Not too much info on him as of yet. He died in New York. He married Margaret Boyer. She was born about 1819 in France.
Generation 2
Frederick Jacon Ulrich was born25 July 1843 in Newport Rhode Island.He died  29 January 1920 in Newstead, Erie, New York. He was married to Caroline Elizabeth Ernst.(some records list her as Arndt) Her parents as far as I can tell are John Ernst(Arndt) and Henrietta Strewing. She was born 1853 Prussia and died13 Feb 1891 in Darien Greene New York.
Their children:
Frederick Russell
John Daniel
Ernest William Centenial
George Sydney
William Penn
Harrison Morton
Generation 3
Frederick Russel Ulrich(pictured above) was born 28 Dec 1872 in Buffalo,Erie,New York and died 7 Dec 1951 in Coeur d' Alene, Kootenai, Idaho. He was married 20 August 1900 to Lola Minerva Sly. She was the daughter of Joseph Sly and Elizabeth Coil. She was born 18 Aug 1872 in Dunn County Wisconsin and died 27 July 1957 in Coeur D' Alene Idaho.
Their children:
Erwin Harry
William Clarence
Carl Sandford
Charlotte Elizabeth
Caroline Isabelle
Generation 4
Erwin Harry Ulrich was born 18 March 1901 Spokane Washington. He died 13 Dec 1987 in Spokane Washington. He was married to Anna Manetta White. She was the daughter of Charles Hopkins White and Ruth Earl Fletcher. She was born 29 July 1906 in Louisville KY and died 20 Jan 1944 at her home in Spokane Washington. THey were the parents of 5 children, 4 still living.
William Ulrich was born 1903 and died 1979 in Coeur d' Alene Idaho. He was married to Edna Rensberrye. She was born 1905 and died in 1991. They were the owners of the Ulrich Ranch near Cd'A and raised registered quarter horses.
Carl Ulrich was born 1906 and died 1984. He was married to Cora Howe. THey had no children together; she had children from a previous marriage. Carl  worked on the Northwest Timber Co. construction crew for a time. He was a bus driver for a number of years around the Coeur d' Alene area. He was also a truck dirver for the Eastside Hiway Dept.
Caroline Ulrich was born 2 Dec 1911 and died 3 Mar 1925 from a fever.
Her twin sister
Charlotte Ulrich was born 2 Dec 1911 and died 17 July 1969.

More info on all lines available